The private memories and confessions of a justified spiv

Yeah you know who’s meant by this title! Our tiny – here since Tuesday – Milo! His arrival can be summarized in three words: veni, vidi, vici!

He was just company for our beloved Henry and now he is everywhere!!! He destroys everything, he eats everything, Henry isn’t fast enough most of the time, he wants all kisses and cuddles, he plays with Henry’s toys (even his shark!!!) and he loves Henry so much, he nearly smothers him. Henry sleeps in his bed, Milo comes in, even if it’s not enough space, Henry sleeps in the basket on the washing machine, Milo jumps in, stands on Henry and falls asleep on him…and Henry? He has this special look saying ‘God, what have you done to me??’…but don’t get the wrong impression, Henry DOES like playing and joking with Milo, they love wrestling and what I call a cat Roly-Poly..

And there it is!! My next topic!!!

African Roly-Poly


(great shot:)

250 g flour

1 Tbs baking sosa


30 g butter

1-2 Tsp milk

2 eggs

Combine all ingredients and mix them until you get a rather firm dough, set aside for 1 hour.

Take the dough on a dusted sheet and roll out a rectangle, take 150 g Jelly of your choice (I used red currant) and spread it on the rectangle, roll it up and place it in a greased loaf pan.

30 g butter

200 g sugar

vanilla essence

300 ml hot water

Mix all ingredients and stir until the sugar is solved, pour it over the Roly-Poly (it should be nearly covered) and bake it at 340°F for an hour.

BTW the title was inspired by James Hogg’s novel ‘The private memories and confessions of a justified sinner’, my currant book on the nightstand..



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