Old habits and a cup of milk

Last weekend I did something I haven’t done for years…I started drawing again. And here is my Lennard for my sista to make her smile: And here is a picture of my Hannibal drinking milk:

Entry ban for Luke Skywalker

Here it is! It’s big, it’s grey, it’s no moon and it’s mine!! The Death Star now floating in my system.. So far I’m not really sure what to do with it. I thought it would be nice with a storm trooper holding it with his arms over his head….but on the other hand that…

Eat, sweat, love

I know I haven’t posted much this week so let’s look up what I have to tell you. Hannibal had his birthday party! Officially I chose 24.7 as his birthday (it’s Punic Hannibal’s Birth year 247.) but due to his bad condition we decided to make him a birthday week… And here is a nice…

Sunny rain in my eye

Some more pictures, including street decoration for the Danube festival and my only self portrait:

Clear the ring!!!

Here are some shots taken at the Danube in front of the big Show tent for our Danube-festival… Have a nice halfweek and enjoy the gallery!!!

Nice weekend, little Carthaginian!

My brave little Hannibal has pulled himself together and – considering the fact that last Friday we really had to take it into account putting him to sleep – we had a perfect weekend together.

Drip, drip, drop

At the moment the extreme hot Bavarian summer goes on and on…. and is the something better than a short heavy rain? walking in the rain without an umbrella is so refreshing and wonderful… But can you imagine, the asphalt has been so hot that the rain drops just vaporized… And here he is: my…

Landolovesboba has found a new tree!

Some more pictures I made heading to Natternberg. Flowers and trees? Again? Really? Yes I never get bored by nature!! The weather was brilliant btw. It’s really hot in Germany at the moment, but we started early in the morning and got a wonderful mixture of sun and mild temperatures….

The Story of a Cat, Snakes and the Devil

Yes, you are right I just took a little walk for you and came back with lots of pictures and stories. This time our destination was Natternberg, a small hill not far from us. What is special about Natternberg? You must know that it lies in a very flat area, very very flat, just this…

La trattoria

So the birthday party is over and here are some recipes as promised: Ciabatta: Lievito madre (start at least 3 days ahead): 100 g flour 100 ml water Mix and put it on a warm and sunny place, wait until it starts bubbling and smelling sour. But remember, this could take 3-5 days!! After bubbling…