Sunny rain in my eye

Some more pictures, including street decoration for the Danube festival and my only self portrait:

Clear the ring!!!

Here are some shots taken at the Danube in front of the big Show tent for our Danube-festival… Have a nice halfweek and enjoy the gallery!!!

The Story of a Cat, Snakes and the Devil

Yes, you are right I just took a little walk for you and came back with lots of pictures and stories. This time our destination was Natternberg, a small hill not far from us. What is special about Natternberg? You must know that it lies in a very flat area, very very flat, just this…

The post about the fence post

Just some new pictures, I have had no time for my Pentecost dinner post with some gorgeous recipes….but it will follow soon. Bye and have a nice week!!

Dead Giants

Here is another part of Charley’s adventure: On our way we passed a field of huge sunflowers from last year. They haven’t been cut, they just dried in the sun still standing there, that really looked some kinda creepy… See you soon and many more pictures are on their way!!

The Grave Chapel – a victory of nature

Today I want to show you another piece of art and history of my hometown, the so called Grabkapelle  (grave chapel). It’s a small Baroque chapel next to our church and the graveyard. It has a little altar in it showing a Pietá with a Veil of Veronica beneath. The chapel is named after a…

Ex Voto

Here is another post on German traditions you can find in our region: Votivbilder The pictures I’ll show you are from the pilgrimage church ‘Zur schmerzhaften Muttergotters’ on the Geiersberg (one of the oldest pilgrimage churches in Bavaria btw, finished in 1486) What is a Votivbild? They are pictures made by Catholics as a donation…


Here are some more pictures of my walk to the station, this time all pictures are taken at my destination, our local station. Please enjoy:)