Hail to the cook and may the fork be with you!

Today’s post’s just about cooking as I promised…. Our Pentecost dinner was a mixture of Greek, Turkish and Northern African food: The decoration was opulent with gold but at the same time not overdone. In the evening I served home-made simit (Turkish sesame yeast rings), I made them rather small, not as they are usually…

The curious incident of the bunny in the Easter-time

I know I’m not really blogging a lot the last weeks…maybe I get more time and a clearer head in the future…. But here’s a short review on our Easter weekend, starting with Good Friday and our Meatless dinner: I made a Pasta with mussels and squid 1 glass fish stock 200 ml white wine…

The British Patient-Books-and Heasty-Non-Super Cooking

Now we have another ill cat in the family..no that’s not the right word because Lenny has heart problems for quite a long time, but now he also got serious neck pains because (now listen on!!) he just sits around and doesn’t do anything else but sleeping and eating…so he gets laser acupuncture and massages……..

Of Gumbos, Indians, Muses and Kings

Oh I’ve forgotten to mention some great books about New Orleans, Mardi Gras, Louisiana tradition and history: Gumbo Ya-Ya: A Collection of Louisiana Folk Tales by Robert Tallant (Author), Lyle Saxon (Author), Edward Dreyer (Author) And for the perfect music background:  

Delicious Reading

There is nothing more to say: Hannibal is more sophisticated than I am V_v that feels weird. Or he is just hungry…..

“Who’s the more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?”

That’s my quote for this week. So let’s start this post with some random music and book recommendations First a very good accoustic version of ‘US Government’ by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in a minor key: BRMC live at KEXP A sweet Green Day performance of ‘Good Riddance’ and ‘Ordinary World’, a very catchy song…

Handy tips for a restless sleep and anxiety states

Is there anything better after a stressful day ┬áthan sitting in your warm bed┬áreading a good book? I cannot image anything more relaxing and again our Booktree presented me the perfect bedtime reading for October: Victorian Ghost stories by famous female authors (I don’t know why only female authors…but nevermind) like George Eliot, Mary Shelley…