Of cats and dogs

Here are some more pics of Egon, our brave guard in the woods. There is one thing Egon doesn't like and that are CATS!! So Lenny's out of the game and we needed a new model for this post here. No easy task and in the end we've found only one Kitty, which was available: … Continue reading Of cats and dogs


It only gets stranger…

Welcome to our annual Halloween party Part I: First of all picture of my new paperwork napkin holders - the cat, the skull and the pumpkin A bloody Americano with Bat Straws... Oh and here is a scene of our Theme story for this year: Mad sheep killing their shepherd and making Shepherd pie... But … Continue reading It only gets stranger…

Halloween or Hattivatti?

Last weekend I learned about my creative limits. We were decorating for a little Halloween evening (strange thing: we didn't watch a Horror movie, we watched 'Moonlight') with drinks and cupcakes and we also had bananas and I had the idea to make Ghost bananas, an easy Halloween idea often seen on the internet. We … Continue reading Halloween or Hattivatti?

The Frog, the Eagle and the Butterfly – a Mexican Party

Last weekend was my sista's birthday. We had a rather small party because at the moment I'm like this -> +_+ She wanted a Mexican party like last year and so she got the Skull Birthday Cake: And I made my Mexican Devil's Chicken in our slow cooker: Ingredients: 6¬† chicken drumsticks 1 large sweet … Continue reading The Frog, the Eagle and the Butterfly – a Mexican Party

Luring Summer with Colors

It's May and we already had some taste of summer, but all in all spring has been rather rainy and cold. So I can't wait for sun and heat, no jackets, shorts, sandals...... This weekend is Mother's Day - as everybody knows - and Lennard needed a present for his mother and I as his … Continue reading Luring Summer with Colors