New Realism 2.0 – Gnocchi

I enjoy reading food blogs on the internet and I'm always so impressed by the detailed and beautiful pictures there, all looks so professional and perfect. If I would make pictures while cooking it would look different, as you can see in this post: Last week my sista bought the first pumpkin in this fall … Continue reading New Realism 2.0 – Gnocchi


Flowers in the summer, Fires in the fall!

It's September 1st and that means good bye to summer and welcome fall. At my home that's decorating with pumpkin and leaves.... And speaking of pumpkins we had a great, delicious supper today with pumpkin, I just have to share this one. I have already told you that I'm collecting recipes and cookbooks and I … Continue reading Flowers in the summer, Fires in the fall!

Pig & Pepper – or the mouth is faster than the canon again

Before I get to the topic i want to show new hair creation on my sista's undercut: I love painting her hair with chalk, it's just fun. Nobody here in smalltown has this kind of style, not even an undercut...others must think we are just nuts sometimes..or maybe ever...:) ... But where is the pepper???!!!?? … Continue reading Pig & Pepper – or the mouth is faster than the canon again

Eat or be eaten – I definitively prefer eating and so did the wasp

Today I have to show you a strange shot I made out of a window. A spider and a hover wasp were just fighting outside, the spider had already got the wasp with her sticky web, but the wasp was fighting so hard to get out. The moment she reached the edge of the windowsill, … Continue reading Eat or be eaten – I definitively prefer eating and so did the wasp

Lennard, prince of recipe thieves

I know at the moment there are no posts about cooking or new recipes, but the last two weeks we had a copycat theme, cooking through America's best Fastfood companies....the recipes we got from pinterest, so I won't post them here....but oh my God, such great food!!!! Lenny's Diner is really stealing recipes from the … Continue reading Lennard, prince of recipe thieves

Comfort Food

Lenny's Diner is back with incredibly delicious American food!! And we are proud to present a really Southern classic: okras Okras are very hard to get in Germany, nobody uses them, but we have a small shop here, the King Bazar selling Pakistan and African food and here you sometimes get okras. My favorites are … Continue reading Comfort Food

Eat, sweat, love

I know I haven't posted much this week so let's look up what I have to tell you. Hannibal had his birthday party! Officially I chose 24.7 as his birthday (it's Punic Hannibal's Birth year 247.) but due to his bad condition we decided to make him a birthday week... And here is a nice … Continue reading Eat, sweat, love