October amendments

I just noticed that I never posted the recipe for my Yogurt Buns!! I've made them around Halloween and just forgot about them! Sorry buns, you really tasted great....and so here you are (with Halloween napkin in the background..) Yogurt buns 375 g flour 1 pck dry yeast 2 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar 150 … Continue reading October amendments


It only gets stranger…

Welcome to our annual Halloween party Part I: First of all picture of my new paperwork napkin holders - the cat, the skull and the pumpkin A bloody Americano with Bat Straws... Oh and here is a scene of our Theme story for this year: Mad sheep killing their shepherd and making Shepherd pie... But … Continue reading It only gets stranger…

The night of the living bread

Yeah it's Halloween Time but for me this week just means bread time!! While my sista was and still is cooking dinner and sweets, I spent my time making different kinds of bread and buns. For tomorrow I plan an Italian Rustica Bread and Yogurt buns... But today I want to show you my Oatmeal-Carrot-Buns … Continue reading The night of the living bread

Once there was a bread which had a crusty pumpkin head

Another recipe for an easy and delicious bread for autumn or Halloween: Buttermilk bread 350 ml buttermilk 1 pck. dry yeast 1/4 tsp sugar 1 1/2 tsp salt 250 g white flour 250 g wholewheat flour 2 Tbsp oatmeal pumpkin seeds Heat buttermilk, remove from stove, add sugar and yeast and let stand for 15 … Continue reading Once there was a bread which had a crusty pumpkin head

Halloween or Hattivatti?

Last weekend I learned about my creative limits. We were decorating for a little Halloween evening (strange thing: we didn't watch a Horror movie, we watched 'Moonlight') with drinks and cupcakes and we also had bananas and I had the idea to make Ghost bananas, an easy Halloween idea often seen on the internet. We … Continue reading Halloween or Hattivatti?