Comeback with 1001 calories and fire

Hi, I'm back for a short note on our Pentecost dinner, the theme was 'Lenny's Arabian Decadence' with recipes from Persia and Saudi Arabia. On Sunday we had Persian Lamb roast with jeweled rice, rice cookies and baklava. Such great recipes! My bottle of Rosewater is empty by now and I really wasn't sure about … Continue reading Comeback with 1001 calories and fire


Sugar dusted dreams of milk

Hi there, I'm back again for a short post, because this weekend I'm busy, Monday was my birthday and so my Mardi Gras party'll be this Saturday ......with beignets!!! I LOVE beignets, I don't want a big birthday cake with cream or chocolate, I just want beignets!!! But my post isn't about beignets, it's about … Continue reading Sugar dusted dreams of milk

Of Syracuse, Cotton fields and an unpopular journey

Welcome to La Trattoria di Leonardo, our little Italian restaurant, open just the week of my Mother's birthday! This Monday was my Mother's birthday and we decided to make an Italian Birthday party for her with ciabatta, tonno alla siracusiana, breadsticks, cantuccini and Italian salad, bottles of wine, prosecco... My sister and I had to … Continue reading Of Syracuse, Cotton fields and an unpopular journey

The butler, the bounty hunter and the wardrobe

First of all the Movie 'The Help' mysteriously turned into 'The Butler', a great journey through U.S. history in a soft tone and without too much pathos and with a great cast even in the smallest parts. Even Darth Vader liked the movie...but he didn't make it to the end, he was Cherry Coke flavored … Continue reading The butler, the bounty hunter and the wardrobe

Of Gumbos, Indians, Muses and Kings

Oh I've forgotten to mention some great books about New Orleans, Mardi Gras, Louisiana tradition and history: Gumbo Ya-Ya: A Collection of Louisiana Folk Tales by Robert Tallant (Author), Lyle Saxon (Author), Edward Dreyer (Author) And for the perfect music background:  

We’re in this together now

So my sista is in Italy sending me beautiful pictures....and I'm sitting here alone all the I've been busy sewing the Star Wars night gowns and they look really nice. And now here's a picture of Hannibal and Lennard They are such a nice couple, they really love each other. Lennard has been alone … Continue reading We’re in this together now