Italian Flair in Bavaria

Here are some panorama shots of Passau, a Bavarian city with a little Italian touch....a very pretty place!


Mein Baby war beim Friseur….

Strange title? It means that my baby went to the's a quote from a song by the German Punk band Die Ärzte, a rather old song which was enormously popular when I was at school... In our cause Henry didn't go to the hairdresser,  Milo - his new hair stylist - visited him at … Continue reading Mein Baby war beim Friseur….

Spring awakening and old friends

Mardi gras without a King Cake? No way!! So here it is: Not enough icing?? I know, but we ate so much at my birthday party so I wanted it not too sweet this time.... News from Milo and Henry: Milo gets castrated on Wednesday!! It's Valentine's Day for Lovers and poor Milo..... V_v... But … Continue reading Spring awakening and old friends

A Caucus-Race and a long tail

Hi out there, here are some new pictures of Milo which I have to share (proud cat-Mum)...btw look at the beautiful fabric of the cat has all chapters of Alice in Wonderland on it.... Oh and so it's time for a book recommendation: Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the looking glasses... Full … Continue reading A Caucus-Race and a long tail

Henry Rufus Jones

Hello, here I am! My name is Henry Rufus Jones, Henry because I'm a British Shorthair and needed a classic British name (my Mum claims that I look like a Henry), Rufus because my Aunt loves Roman History and wanted a Latin name for me AND I'm apricot, a shade of red, and Jones? Henry … Continue reading Henry Rufus Jones