Cena Milonis

This weekend we were celebrating my mothers birthday and we decided to make it an ancient Roman dinner. The decoration was cheap and quickly made of paper: We served eggs with a sauce made of ground nuts, fresh pepper, honey, salt and white wine: Mustea, small buns with Marsala and laurel leaves. Here is my … Continue reading Cena Milonis


The Frog, the Eagle and the Butterfly – a Mexican Party

Last weekend was my sista's birthday. We had a rather small party because at the moment I'm like this -> +_+ She wanted a Mexican party like last year and so she got the Skull Birthday Cake: And I made my Mexican Devil's Chicken in our slow cooker: Ingredients: 6  chicken drumsticks 1 large sweet … Continue reading The Frog, the Eagle and the Butterfly – a Mexican Party

Eat, sweat, love

I know I haven't posted much this week so let's look up what I have to tell you. Hannibal had his birthday party! Officially I chose 24.7 as his birthday (it's Punic Hannibal's Birth year 247.) but due to his bad condition we decided to make him a birthday week... And here is a nice … Continue reading Eat, sweat, love

Too many recipes for one post, but who cares?

Our Fasching/Carneval or Mardi Gras, whatever you call it, begins with my Birthday and ends this weekend. So here are some pictures to say goodbye to Green-Violet-Gold: And what did I cook for this weekend? The coq au vin won. But before I'll come to this, I want to show you the recipe of one … Continue reading Too many recipes for one post, but who cares?

A German culinary delight

Before I start the real topic of the post here are new chocolate motives in my Advent calendar.....really dark sided......     On Saturday I made my Rheinischer Sauerbraten with Spätzle and Red Cabbage, one original German recipe I really like and enjoy cooking. And here is my recipe for it: Rheinischer Sauerbraten 1 kg … Continue reading A German culinary delight

Guess who’s coming to dinner….

So everybody Happy Halloween!! Hope you have a nice time and lots of fun!! Our Halloween is over and we've aleady started cleaning up..... This year our Halloween dinner was inspired by haunted New Orleans. We had a Hurricane with white Peach juice (very, very sweet....) a delicious sweet Crock-Pot-Bourbon Chicken with lilac rice and … Continue reading Guess who’s coming to dinner….


In this post I want to introduce two of my passions besides Star Wars and photography (yeah, I LOVE taking pictures, always running around with my big camera, but I only shoot landscapes, animals, food or art...no people, never, I don't like people-but back to topic): Cooking, Food and Drinks!!! Here we have an incredible Mint … Continue reading Passion