Regarding Henry

Tomorrow I'm on a very serious mission, the mission Henry. I'm going to Munich to visit a ginger British Shorthair cat, which I MAY take home with me.....But I'm not sure about keep your fingers crossed for Henry to become a part of our family...  


Through the claret glass – a tale of empty stomachs, a death star and a little hedgehog

Here is a synopsis of our holidays....short, confusing and rather disjointed. I want to start with the menu, it was delicious as always but at the same time too much as always... Starter: Sparkling Cranberry Cocktail with Parmesan Shortbread (a Nigella Lawson recipe) Main dishes: saddle of venison with potato-mushroom crust, red cabbage and red … Continue reading Through the claret glass – a tale of empty stomachs, a death star and a little hedgehog

Merry Christmas, Highwayman-Cat and strange pieces of Art

Merry Christmas out there and a Happy New Year!!!Here is a picture of my last project, a puppet showing Lenny as Highwayman form the 17th century. I hope you like him 🙂 And again some shots from my Nuernberg trip: some weird pieces of art worth looking at...    

Stranger in the Rain and Catlessness

Today my sista took in a stranger she found in the mud on her way from work. She couldn't pass it by. The poor thing was lying on its back all wet and she brought it home, it got a hot bath and now it's warming up on the central heating...we don't know its … Continue reading Stranger in the Rain and Catlessness

Enemies of the heir, beware!

This year was a disaster ...Mimmi, Hannibal and now Lennard are gone. Having lived with cats for nearly 20 years I really have problems with the fact that nobody is waiting for you at home, nobody wakes you up in the middle of the night begging for food, nobody sits at your breakfast table stealing … Continue reading Enemies of the heir, beware!