Hear the Angels sing

Last Saturday my sista and I visited Passau for a shopping trip and of course I made some pictures there. Here are some shots of an angel statue at the cemetery in Passau: More stuff will follow....


Mein Baby war beim Friseur….

Strange title? It means that my baby went to the hairdresser...it's a quote from a song by the German Punk band Die Ärzte, a rather old song which was enormously popular when I was at school... In our cause Henry didn't go to the hairdresser,  Milo - his new hair stylist - visited him at … Continue reading Mein Baby war beim Friseur….

Do not feed after midnight!!! RIP my beloved apartment

  Here is the bitter truth: we don't have cats, we have GREMLINS!!! And unfortunately we fed them after midnight.....and now...   Milo and Henry keep on redecorating our home, what they don't like they smash, rip up or push in the next corner or under some cupboard... So here are few examples of things … Continue reading Do not feed after midnight!!! RIP my beloved apartment

Spring awakening and old friends

Mardi gras without a King Cake? No way!! So here it is: Not enough icing?? I know, but we ate so much at my birthday party so I wanted it not too sweet this time.... News from Milo and Henry: Milo gets castrated on Wednesday!! It's Valentine's Day for Lovers and poor Milo..... V_v... But … Continue reading Spring awakening and old friends

Sleeping Beauties and a present in turquoise

Henry and Milo seem to do only three things in their life: eating, fighting and sleeping. That's hard for their photographer...eating...not so esthetic....fighting...too quick movements of the camera....so there only remains sleeping: And I must introduce you to our newest member of the family (birthday present!!): he is turquoise, wears really cool 70s style clothes, … Continue reading Sleeping Beauties and a present in turquoise

Muffuletta, Football and the best Mint Julep in town

Here is a short summary of my birthday Mardi Gras party: GREAT!! We had beignets Schaumküsse (great German stuff!!) With American Colors for a Super Bowl party.... and also for Super Bowl: Football shapes buns (yes Germany still loves USA!!) A great Mint Julep (one of my favorite drinks) And a Muffuletta Sandwich...not a real … Continue reading Muffuletta, Football and the best Mint Julep in town