Halloween or Hattivatti?

Last weekend I learned about my creative limits. We were decorating for a little Halloween evening (strange thing: we didn't watch a Horror movie, we watched 'Moonlight') with drinks and cupcakes and we also had bananas and I had the idea to make Ghost bananas, an easy Halloween idea often seen on the internet. We … Continue reading Halloween or Hattivatti?


Of Apes and droids

So today we've opened the first door of our advent calendar and of course it's  Star Wars calendar! And what was behind door number one? A chocolate R2-D2! Hey I really like R2-D2, he is a great character. Droids are good characters in general, looking forward to see K-2SO, the trailers look promising.... But back … Continue reading Of Apes and droids

Show me how you live and I tell you about your mental condition part 1: Bumbi

Last year my sister and I bought a great big apartment. That meant saying goodbye to the big garden of our old rented house. But the apartment is great, it's in the middle of town, has a big balcony for our chilis and we could decorate and style it as we liked. It was much … Continue reading Show me how you live and I tell you about your mental condition part 1: Bumbi

Frankie got the autumn blues

So finally it's September and summer is over for me. Therefore I started decorating for autumn-too early? I dunno, but I'm in the right mood for it. But I'm working on something else right now, which brings me to the best thing about September. It's my sister's birthday and that means big party with lots … Continue reading Frankie got the autumn blues