Henry Danger

Here are some news about our new little cat Henry: Henry turned out to be a real hardworking guy, he is always around and even tries to do some House work, but I think he has some problems with how to handle it, e.g. it seems he isn't sure about how to use the washer... … Continue reading Henry Danger


Merry Christmas, Highwayman-Cat and strange pieces of Art

Merry Christmas out there and a Happy New Year!!!Here is a picture of my last project, a puppet showing Lenny as Highwayman form the 17th century. I hope you like him 🙂 And again some shots from my Nuernberg trip: some weird pieces of art worth looking at...    

Of cats and dogs

Here are some more pics of Egon, our brave guard in the woods. There is one thing Egon doesn't like and that are CATS!! So Lenny's out of the game and we needed a new model for this post here. No easy task and in the end we've found only one Kitty, which was available: … Continue reading Of cats and dogs

Lost in Relocation – A Star Wars Story

Today is a Star Wars day because Rogue One is at the cinema now, so I need a Star Wars post. Looking at old photo-files I found this and there is a sad story behind it (not really sad, just strange) Years ago I made my sista two shopping bags for Christmas, one was with NIN … Continue reading Lost in Relocation – A Star Wars Story